Inspection of electrical installations for lifts

- Aug 15, 2018-

Before commissioning, install one or two, standard section with lifting equipment, then follow the following steps to debug:

1, grounding resistance tester to measure the lift steel structure and electrical equipment metal shell grounding resistance, not greater than 4 Ω;

2, the use of 500V trillion-European meter motor and electrical components of the ground resistance should be no less than 1mω;

3, check the installation of control switches, respectively, open the cages on the cage on each door, touch broken rope protection switch, upper and lower limit switch, limit switch, etc. should be able to function;

4, the school nuclear power motivation limits, the upper and lower movement direction of the hanging cage should be in accordance with the direction of the Operation Box; general construction lift Hanger rod installation: Hanging rod should be installed in the top of the hanging cage hanger hole, in the cage, in the cage installed centripetal bearings, installation of pressure pad and bolt fixed