Maintenance of lifts

- Aug 15, 2018-

Elevator before the factory has been tested and debugged, the technical indicators to achieve the design requirements, the use of only the power supply, hydraulic, electrical system basic need not adjust. Lift in use must be placed in a solid flat ground, in order to avoid tipping when working. Press the "Up" or "down" button to make the table lift. If the worktable does not move, should immediately stop to check. found that the operating pressure of electric elevators is too high or abnormal sound, should immediately shut down the inspection to avoid serious damage to machinery; Regular monthly inspection of the working state of the shaft, such as the discovery of shaft pins, screws loose, must be locked to prevent the shaft pin off caused by accidents. The hydraulic oil shall be kept clean, replaced every 6 months, and the safety brace must be propped up when repairing and cleaning the lift.