Operational techniques and safety precautions in operations

- Aug 15, 2018-

A Close the ground power supply separate power switch, close the door, the three-phase switch inside the cage, and then press to go to the direction of the button, lift start (joystick type should be driven to go to the direction of the position and maintain in this position). button-type switch Press "0" position elevator parking (joystick hand a loose automatic parking), at the top and the bottom of the elevator stops at the end of the limited panel to stop the automatic parking. b For the speed elevator, before the elevator stops, the switch should be transferred to the Low-speed stall before stopping. C Elevator in each class first run, must be from the lowest level, strictly prohibited from top to bottom. When the cage rises from the ground 1~2m, the parking test brake performance. If the occurrence of abnormal, timely repair of the use of the rear. D In the car inside the person, the load should be evenly distributed, to prevent bias; overloading is prohibited to run on the person does not load, the rated load per ton shall not exceed 12 people, the car on the roof can not be manned or cargo (except installation). E The elevators shall be equipped with reliable communication devices, which are closely related to the conductor and operate according to the signal. Before driving, must ring the alarm warning, in the elevator stops in high or in the ground does not cut off the power switch, the operator may not leave the operation post, is strictly prohibited without the card to boot. F Elevator in operation if the machinery found abnormal conditions, should immediately stop and take effective measures to install the ladder cage down to the bottom, troubleshooting can continue to run. In the operation found that the electrical control, should immediately press the emergency stop button, in the not ruled out the failure, must not open the emergency stop button. Maintenance should be carried out by professionals, no unauthorized maintenance. If the temporary maintenance is not good, in times should try to send people first out of the car (through the car top skylight out of the entrance to the scaffold or floor). G Elevator operation is not allowed to open the car door, people should not rely on the sedan