Runshare Research of electro-hydraulic control system of GTBZ20

- Nov 29, 2018-

According to customer’s acquirement and external advance technology, Runshare designed hydraulic system, horizontal adjustment system and electric control system of GTBZ20 type of aerial work platform.

 Firstly, based on analysis and comparison of external alike productions Runshare introduce the design of main apparatus and hydraulic drive system including of steering apparatus, turning apparatus, telescopic arm apparatus etc. Because there are many apparatus that must be controlled and some of apparatus need electro-hydraulic proportional control, load-sensing proportional sandwich valves are applied to control main apparatus in this system. And then research of driving hydraulic system is carried out, because this is a key technology that must be solved. Afterward, Horizontal adjustment apparatus is designed with MATLAB simulation and mechanical optimization design methods. Finally, CAN-BUS technology is applied to electric control system, hardware network of electric control is designed and programs of electro-hydraulic control are finished. 

At present, the entire hydraulic drive engineering aerial work platforms have been provided to customer after assembled and debugged. The vehicles have achieved the anticipated goals, improved the producing efficiency and obtained the considerable economic profit.