Should focus on routine maintenance and inspection before operation.

- Aug 15, 2018-

Before the job should focus on inspection: A. Check before starting: 0 grounding wire, cable, cable guide frame, buffer spring should be intact. No loose ground, cable intact, no obstacles, no leakage of mechanical parts, safety devices, electrical instruments sensitive and effective. b Elevator Standard section, Hanging Cage (ladder cage), such as the overall structure of the surface should be no deformation, rust, standard section connecting bolts without loosening and lack of bolts. C Power part of the work should be smooth and no sound, gear box without oil leakage phenomenon. D The structure should be no deformation, no loose connection bolts, the node without open (off) welding phenomenon, wire rope fixed and good lubrication, operating within the range of obstacles, assembly accuracy, the wall firmly meet the design requirements. Unloading platform (channel mouth) formation, safety door complete, both sides of the protection of tight good. E Gear, rack, rail, guide rollers and lubrication points to maintain good lubrication. F The use of safety brakes must be within the validity period, the date of exceeding the mark should be replaced in time (no mark should be recorded for record). Elevator brake adjustment tightness should be moderate, over loose hanging cage load parking will produce slippage, too tight will speed up brake pads wear. G Elevator running up and down the trip without obstructions, high-limit position sensitive and reliable. Hanging cage surrounded protection of the wire network, not to use the board around the wind, especially in winter. The use of plate wind, will increase the car shaking, the elevator unfavorable.