Stability analysis of Runshare Aerial Work Platform

- Jan 16, 2019-

   Stability analysis of Runshare Aerial Work Platform 

Along with the rapid development of construction, aerial work platform, as a kind of tall buildings cleaning, maintenance and adornment machinery has been widely used. Aerial work platform compared with traditional mechanical safety, high efficiency, strong adaptability etc many advantages, its overall and local stability study to ensure construction safety, reducing safety accidents have very important significance.

Runshare technology R & D team calculated aerial work platform of the overall overturning stability and local stability. 

First, the overall use of moment method overturning stability, using MATLAB software to draw the stability coefficient curve, obtained the mechanical stability of the overall conclusions of overturning; on the frame so rigid assumptions, calculations leg reaction force, come within the scope of work four point support and the three supporting both cases;

Followed by use of ANSYS software validation by comparing the displacement of the overall stability of the leg; 

The final specification were used finite element method algorithm and section 4 of the local stability of the arm, found that partial plastic instability in the webs of first arm section, but the more conservative specification algorithm; on the whole do telescopic eigenvalue buckling and nonlinear buckling analysis, obtained the first part of the tank failure webs connecting hinge points of cylinder. 

The nonlinear buckling analysis is sufficient to simulate the actual situation, draw telescopic arm section 4 and the overall buckling load when the hanging baskets were 12058N, and 10126N.