Switch and touch iron of elevator

- Aug 15, 2018-

1, to the elevator connected to the power and trial operation, to ensure that each action is accurate (each action should be moved), should first be the lower limit of the touch block and the next limit of the block fitted to prevent the hanging cage hit the bottom.

The position of the lower-bound position of the iron, should be automatically stopped when the hanging cage is full down to the buffer spring 100-200mm place; the upper limit touches the iron to install in the hanging cage above the terminal platform 150mm; 2. The installation position of the floor bump, should ensure that the hanging cage full load downward operation, the switch touches the lower limit bit after automatically cut off the control power and stop, the distance from the bottom of the cage to the ground buffer spring is 300-400mm,

The installation position of the lower limit touch block should ensure that the limit switch moves after the lower-bound switch action and the cage cannot bump into the buffer spring.

3, to ensure that the upper and lower position switch distance limit touch iron distance, must ensure that the limit switch contact with the upper and lower limit of the distance in the limit switch off position, the contact handle from the Iron 0.2-2mm range; 4, limit switch and limit switch to adjust the appropriate, it can be used for rail frame and attachment frame, cable guide frame installation operations. At this point should be installed at the bottom of an attachment frame, from the ground 6-8m installation, can also be specific treatment based on the scene, and then install the following two cable racks, the bottom one from the cable cylinder about 1m, above one and the following one is 3m apart.

Make sure all bolts are fastened securely to ensure no movement of the touch iron.

5, all the rollers, back wheel clearance adjustment to ensure the smooth operation of the cage.

6, when all the installation work is completed, should check whether the fasteners are loose, to achieve the specified tightening torque, and then carry out the load test and cage drop test and the safety of the correct reset.

After the final installation, the Enterprise Technical Director in conjunction with the relevant departments of the Foundation and the wall bearing and installation of the quality, accuracy of comprehensive testing, crash test, test run, after the visa can be put into operation.