The enclosure of the lift and the hanging cage

- Aug 15, 2018-

1, the foundation of the surface cleaning, the anchor bolts installed, if the installation of the construction elevator installed in the basement floor, in the base screws must be used under the cushion iron, increase the nut and floor of the force surface to reduce the nut on the floor friction;

2, in the anchor bolts place between the chassis and the cornerstone of different thickness of the plate gasket to adjust the vertical degree of the guide frame;

3, the installation of three standard section, and the theodolite measurement of the verticality of the guide frame, to ensure that the guide frame of each director in two directions of the vertical (1/1000);

4. After adjusting the vertical rail frame, press 4 anchor bolts tightly;

5, the same as the same as the adjustment of the vertical fence frame, pressing the rest of the anchor bolts;

6, install the buffer spring;

7, the other half of the fence and the first half of the bolt connection; 8, the same as the adjustment of vertical pressure anchor bolts, loosen the cage inside the motor brake.

(The sc200/200 type installs the hanging cage first and then installs the transmission Board). 9, crane lifting cage, from the above standard section to make the hanging cage accurately in place, the two hanging cage respectively on the guide rail frame, and slowly placed on the buffer spring. The two cages are equipped with the drive racks, and the rear wheels and rollers are adjusted to the maximum clearance position to facilitate the installation of the driving racks. Use lifting equipment to install a standard section on the basic part of the lift and tighten the connection bolts.

With lifting equipment, two sets of driving racks are mounted on the top of each hanger cage and the connecting pins are fitted, and the cage top guardrail is installed.

10, the brake reset; 11, Installation Maintenance section.

Maintenance sections are generally installed in section fourth. 12, and then install two standard section. Use the theodolite to check and adjust the verticality of the guide frame so that the errors in the two perpendicular directions conform to the table.