Guildence Of Purchasing Or Renting Scissor Lifts.

- Apr 03, 2019-

The following lift is GTJZ13RT in diesel engine, we also have the electrical scissor lift for your choice.


With the improvement and development of the aerial work platform market, more and more products and brands have emerged. Faced with a myriad of product and brand choices, it is hard to avoid being at a loss.

Scissors lift (aerial work platform), is one of the most widely used basic equipment. What should be paid attention to when renting or purchasing? 

1. Considering both purchasing price and total cost of ownership.

2. Working height.

3. Working environment, indoor or outdoor, or both.

4. Type, size and weight to be lifted by the platform.

5. The traveling space of the aerial work platform, pay attention to the size restrictions such as doorways that need to be passed.

6. The road surface that the aerial work platform can run on is smooth, rough or ground bearing capacity.

7. The working site power supply, whether can provide charging.

8. Regular machine running hours/day.

9. Whether special accessories are needed.

10. Environmental protection requirements, such as noise and pollution emission.

These are some basic questions you usually need to ask when you are in purchasing or renting a scissor lift. In general, these questions will help guide you to find the right machine.

However, like all equipment, the key point to truly distinguish the brand difference between scissor lifts is not only the height and weight, but also some key performance. Therefore, although they look very similar, they are not the same during usage.

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