Characteristics Of Curved Arm Lifts

- Aug 15, 2018-

(1) A new type of fully hydraulic self-specific chassis. The Self-developed platform vehicle with fully independent intellectual property rights has been developed with the technology of mechatronics, reliability design and CAD, and has successfully developed a kind of fully hydraulic driven, self-propelled special chassis,

Broke through the previous domestic aerial lift platform car can only use the car or crane chassis modification design restrictions. (2) With load driving, good operation stability. The chassis structure breaks through the traditional design theory and method, and reduces the center of gravity shift by optimizing the overall layout and load distribution of the boarding platform. A unique large angle rear-hinged hinge-point structure is adopted to rationally set up a variety of counterweight modules to effectively balance the working torque.

Using h-type variable cross-section compound box girder and high load solid rubber tyre, the overall stiffness of the chassis is increased, the stability of the whole machine driving and working process is ensured, and the function of carrying the aerial lift platform is realized. (3) Multifunctional, multi-purpose operation device.

Through the front bracket of the large arm, the lifting device or manned platform can be quickly installed to realize the functions of material lifting, lifting lifting and manned aerial work, at the same time providing the interface for the fast switching of the extended operating device and various working devices. (4) Unique three-dimensional rotating lift device.

Design of three-dimensional rotating lift device, it can not only maintain the posture of lifting material automatically, but also realize the adjustment requirement of lifting material in space, arbitrary position and any direction, accurate and sensitive speed control, good micro-dynamic performance, meet the requirements of aerial work and ventilation piping installation in large cavern storehouse.