Classification Of Lifts

- Aug 15, 2018-

Category: Scissor lifts are divided into movable scissor-type lifts and fixed scissor-type lifts, and the movable type is divided into traction type and manual traction type.

Full self-type three major categories. Introduction: Scissor-type Elevator is a wide range of uses for High-altitude special equipment. Its scissor-type mechanical structure makes the lifting table have higher stability after hoisting, wide operating platform and high bearing capacity, so that the range of aerial work is larger and suitable for many people to work at the same time. It makes aerial working more efficient and safer.

Is the use of a wide range of high-altitude lifting equipment. Features: Lifting mechanism is made of high strength manganese steel heavy-shaped pipe. A safety protection device is provided to prevent overloading of lifts. A safety protection valve is provided to prevent the rupture of hydraulic piping. An emergency descent device is provided in case of power failure. This product is suitable for the high altitude equipment installation, overhaul and so on movable aerial work. Depending on the requirements of different types of power can be selected (such as: three-phase AC power supply, single-phase AC power supply, DC power supply and internal combustion power, etc., with manual hydraulic device, can be in a power outage or no power site as usual lifting work, and scalable platform, in the length of the platform can be extended to the desired location, thereby improving efficiency.

Is the modern tall building, the equipment ideal equipped with the product, is the high altitude safe civilized production essential. Uses: Suitable for the airport terminal, aircraft repair, stations, terminals, shopping malls, stadiums, residential properties, factories and mines and other large range of high altitude continuous operation. Some products have the function of automatic walking, can be in different working conditions, fast, slow walking, just a person in the air can operate the machine to complete up and down, forward, backward, steering and other movements. When the machine is in a stop state, the wheel is always in the braking state and can be reliably braked at 6 degree slope.

Large-diameter and super-wide high-quality rubber wheels make the user ground effectively protected while increasing the braking friction.