Efficiency Comparison In Oil And Gas Area Between Scissor Aerial Work Platfrom And Scaffold.

- Jul 29, 2019-

Yan 'an Energy Chemical Company used Runshare's scissor type aerial work platform in its construction and compared it with scaffolding. Renting 2 scissor platforms, which are mainly used for the installation of steel structures and process pipelines of butanol /2-PH device in Yan 'an Kerosene Gas Comprehensive Utilization Project. After one hour's familiarity, the project construction personnel have been able to skillfully use the aerial work vehicles. The scissor platform is mainly used for installation of steel structures and process pipelines below 14.0m m. Economic advantages of scissor type aerial work platform VS scaffold erection and dismantling.

At present, the shear fork aerial work platform used in Yan 'an Energy Chemical Project is GTJZ14 of Runshare Heavy Industry, with an adjustable height of 14m and 2 aerial work vehicles. The monthly rental unit price is 4500 yuan/month.

Take the installation of R~X axis steel structures of H1 pipe gallery, H2 pipe gallery, V1 pipe gallery, V2 pipe gallery and V3 pipe gallery of butanol /2-PH device as an example, the weight of pipe gallery is about 309 tons, and the installation period is 2 months. Overhead working vehicles are used for installation of pipe gallery. Cost comparison between scaffolding with the same engineering quantity and construction period and overhead working vehicles:

1. According to the unit price 140 yuan/ton of steel structure scaffold erection and dismantling in Yan 'an kerosene and gas resources comprehensive utilization project, the scaffold erection and dismantling cost is 43260 yuan (excluding the cost of safety measures and the cost of scaffold idling); Including material transfer fee).

2. The installation of two aerial work vehicles in the pipe gallery will work at the same time, which will be calculated at 4500 yuan/month and the construction period will be 2 months. The cost will be 18000 yuan (including electricity charges, on-site transportation fees and daily maintenance fees).

Advantages of high-altitude platform compared with scaffold in actual usage:

First, the aerial work platform is convenient to move, and construction personnel can move together with the work vehicle, thus reducing climbing time and improving work efficiency compared with scaffolding.

Second, cost is saved. The scissor lift does not need to set up a material table, omitting the calculation plan for describing the load of the material table, and omitting the labor and materials for the outer derrick, single-row scaffold and construction material table together, thus completely avoiding the operational risks of workers in this link.

Third, aerial work car in the component installation, can adjust the telescopic platform according to the actual situation, in order to meet the requirements of site installation, reduce the secondary erection of scaffolding due to lack of space, increase the construction cost;

Fourth, aerial work platforms carrying a small number of bolts, small tools and consumables, can meet the continuous construction of the working surface, reduce the construction efficiency due to the lack of materials.

Fifth, the aerial work vehicle is small in size, free and automatic, does not need special storage, and can reduce the occupation of construction sites; Scaffolding materials need to occupy a certain area of the site and have trouble in transportation. They need to be kept specially.

Summary: After the above comparison, the scissor type aerial work platform has obvious economic advantages over scaffolding, which can effectively reduce the construction cost and increase the construction efficiency. At present, the scissor aerial work platform has been used for pipeline installation, especially for pipeline construction of pipe gallery, with high construction efficiency and safety factor, effectively ensuring the construction quality and safety. The scissor aerial work platform can also be used for equipment nozzle inspection, nondestructive testing, pipeline pressure test and other aspects.