Foreign Customer Visits Runshare For Boom Lift Inspection.

- Mar 18, 2019-

From March 13 to March 15, our foreign customer visited Runshare for Boom Lift Inspection. After extending Runshare's welcome, customer came to the plant, showed strong interests in our 56 meter platform height.

To test the stablity, customer himself had gone into the platform with our technician, the satisfaction was shown after series of operation. Afterwards, tests of lift capacity, biggest platform height, biggest crossing height, wheel base, ground center clearance, travel speed, gradeability, turntable swing, platform rotation, engine type, rated power etc. had been made. All have passed the theoretical datas. A third party inspetion company was also invited to Runshare to ensure the test was realisticlly and strictly finalized. 


After the tests, Runshare has stronger confidence to make more qualified telescopic boom lifts, articulated boom lifts & scissor lifts to meet the market's requirements.