How Can Self-propelled Boom Lift Ensure Safety? This Is Achieved Through System Speed Design, Range Simulation And Stability Calculation.

- Aug 26, 2019-

In the past two years, Runshare Heavy Industry's self-propelled aerial work platform has sold extremely well. The company's telescopic boom lift GTBZ22Z, which platform height is 22 meters high and 18 meters horizontal, has become the sales star among our aerial work platform.

In order to realize the higher and further technical pursuit of the aerial work platform in China and ensure the overall safety of the aerial work platform, this year Runshare also designed and developed GTBZ56Z telescopic aerial work platform, which is the highest product in the domestic aerial work platform industry.

How can product safety be guaranteed at such a high level? The company simulated the feasible region of a telescopic aerial work platform with software, and designed and simulated the basic dynamic characteristics of the machine through a virtual prototype model, such as finding out the reasonable speed and acceleration on the platform, the farthest, highest and deepest distance reached by the machine, the stress state of key hinge points, etc.

By calculating the three-dimensional model machine in different states (static and dynamic), the stability coefficient of the machine in various dangerous states is calculated, and whether the stability safety coefficient is safe and how much tipping force will cause the machine to tip over and whether it meets the corresponding national safety standards is analyzed. And through the whole machine experiment verification, it verifies whether the measured data of the actual machine experiment is consistent with the calculated data of the software simulation, verifies the correctness of the whole calculation method, and provides guarantee for the feasible region safety design of the aerial work vehicle. At present, the whole vehicle has been sent to Shanghai dealers for short lease to customers, and the equipment is on sale.