IPAF Gold Medal Sponsor Runshare Was Invited To Attend The 8th IPAF Asia Summit In Hangzhou.

- Jul 19, 2019-

From July 17 to 18, Runshare Heavy Industry Co., Ltd, as IPAF's gold medal sponsor, was invited to attend the 8th IPAF Asia Summit. At the 8th IPAF Asia Summit in Hangzhou, gold medal sponsor Runshare displayed this year's domestic hot and popular self-propelled aerial work platform at outdoor booth B02.

IPAF Asia summit, an industry event attracting companies and spokespersons from all over the world. Participants can also hear different views, which will help to further promote the development of the aerial work equipment industry in the Asian market. Runshare showed the best selling series of domestic boom lift: GTBZ22Z telescopic boom aerial work platform.

At this exhibition, IPAF plans to hold a conference on issues including big data, improving investment returns and exploring new directions for the industry. Zhejiang province has many large-scale industrial and technological development projects, also an ideal place to hold such large-scale exhibitions. Once the large-scale development project is started, a large number of construction contracts will be signed. Runshare Heavy Industry has witnessed the steady upward development of the whole domestic aerial work platform market since it entered the market in 2007.

Ding Hai, deputy general manager of Runshare Sales, and Yang Zhi, manager of the Ministry of Foreign Trade, represented Yunxiang at the 8th IPAF Asia Summit held in Hangzhou InterContinental Hotel.

After ten years of development, Runshare Heavy Industry has been providing domestic leasing companies with high-quality, cost-effective and business-friendly aerial work platform equipment so that the leasing companies can achieve better utilization rate and return on investment. Runshare Heavy Industry began to produce self-propelled aerial work platforms in 2007. After 12 years of steady development, Runshare Heavy Industry has become a leader in the domestic and international aerial work platform industry. Runshare has always maintained its position as a leader in the domestic industry. Rapid technological research and development is the foundation for Runshare brand to adapt to changes in market conditions. The line-up of transportation products includes: telescopic aerial work platform, battery articulated aerial work platform, diesel articulated aerial work platform, scissor lift aerial work platform and track mounted aerial work platform.