Runshare Held A Security Instruction Training For New Employees.

- Mar 20, 2019-

On the evening of March 19, Runshare held a security instruciton training for all the new employees, in which around 30 people attended and they were trained by our manager and director from security department. 

Trainers illustrated the meaning of safty, basic knowledge of safe production, causes analysis of major security accidents, safe production disciplines and regulations. Knowledge of forklifts safty management was also been taught, including laws, regulations and common senses of safe production during operation process, types of injury and prevention measures, forecast and prevention for dangerous operation circumstances, forklifts' driving and unloading cautions, requirements for electrical forklift's operation and maintenanceļ¼Œas well as accident cases, etc.

This training's aim to enable all the staff to pay more attention to safty towards work and living. It's neccessary to let everyone know in advance for set up good attitute and habit. After the training, an examination was made for all the new employees.