Runshare Held A Security Training For Some Domestic Rental Customers.

- Mar 06, 2019-

A safty training compaign was held at Runshare meeting hall on 6th March by our director of Security Department, in which more than twenty hired staff from some of our rental customers in mainland China attended, they also had the experiences of operating telescopic boom lift, articulating boom lift, scissor lift one by one in the factory area. After the training, the attendants were drived to their living hotels or railway/bus stations, ready for going back to put the instruction and training skills they have learned into practice. 

The most significant AWP dangers arise from operation and use of the machine rather than from their movement as a site vehicle. These hazards must be properly controlled. However, a safe workplace for all vehicle operations needs be established by separating pedestrians and vehicles and providing hazard-free traffic routes. Great care must be taken to select the most appropriate AWP and ensure that use of the machine is properly planned and managed. Operator instruction and training are very important requirements.

By and large, these kind of operation training activities will be held constantly and regularly at Runshare Industrial Park, Lingang Industrial Zone, Chenglingji Port, Yueyang City, Hunan Province, China.