Runshare Telescopic Series Aerial Work Platform

- Dec 03, 2018-

Aerial  work  platform  is  a  kind  of  aerial  work  engineering  machinery  and equipment, widely used in construction,municipalization,factories,gardens and  other  places,and  mainly  engaged  in  fire  fighting,  rescue  and  relief, construction installation and maintenance,etc.  Along with the development of the urbanization process,  the larger using domain and quantity of aerial work platform,the  increasing  of  operation  difficulty  and  the  more  complicated working  environment,more  advanced  and  reasonable  aerial  work  platform are needed to be designed urgently in order to adapt to social development and meet the needs of economic development. 

Focuses  on  GTBZ25  aerial  work  platform  developed  by  Runshare.,  we took the  method  of  collaborative  design  and  3D  design  in  Pro/E  has been used.  In order to ensure the safety of operating personnel,stability as a key issue has been calculated in considering the tyre reaction.  The results getting  from  co-simulation  of  main  bearing  hinge  point  in  superstructure  by ADAMS and MATLAB have been compared with traditional manual calculation results to ensure the rationality of the hinge point force.  The stress and strain of  main  stress  components , such  as  boom , rotary  table  and  frame  in prototype,have been analyzed in the finite element software Workbench. In addition,the stability of leveling oil cylinder,telescopic arm’s bundle cylinder and derricking cylinder in aerial work platform has been checked,  while the major points of hinge pin have been selected and checked.  In order to making more  competitive  products  in  the  market,  meeting  the  reasonable  cost  and reaching  the  expected  design  goal,  the  engine,hydraulic  system  and  slewing mechanism have been calculated in type selection. Trial prototype meets the design goals and objectives after a series of experiments. At  last,the third-party testing agency has been invited for prototype test,which qualified the test results  provided  a  theoretical  basis  for  the  research  and  design  of Runshare telescopic series aerial  working  platform.