Scissor Lift Of Aerial Work Platform.

- Apr 08, 2019-

After the scissor lift was invented, the word "scissors" was given a new meaning. "Scissors" is no longer just a tool for paper cutting, but has developed into a vocabulary related to aerial work equipment. It can provide end users with a safer and more efficient way to reach work areas that are otherwise inaccessible.

Since its introduction to the market in the 1970s, manufacturers have been striving to optimize the design of scissor cars to meet customers' expectations and to solve more unmet needs. As a result, scissor lifts have been continuously improved.

Scissors lift has changed from basic design (such as flat scissor cart without pit protection) to advanced technical design capable of detecting objects and avoiding collision. With updating each time, the scissor lift becomes more efficient and easier to use.

The list of scissor lift manufacturers seems to double every few years. However, as consumers, the most important thing is to realize that even if the size and height are the same, the difference between brands of scissor lifts is also very big.

Scissors aerial work platform has many models that allow operators to complete specific tasks, but the efficiency of this task, as well as the maintainability, durability and safety of the equipment will also be affected by the selected models. In addition, any advanced technology possessed by the machine and the differentiation factors that stand out among many brands will significantly affect your return on investment (ROI). Therefore, please study carefully and make a wise choice.

Usually, many companies will choose the 10-meter and 6-meter narrow scissor lifts first. But interestingly, in many emerging markets, end users prefer higher and wider models in purchasing to complete a wider range of work. In these markets, it is rare to stock machines of various sizes. Instead, a standardized fleet of large machines can be deployed to improve efficiency as much as possible through one device.

As the market becoming mature gradually, customers tend to look for models designed specifically for specific tasks. They may need to pass through narrow doorways, rotate at a smaller radius, or work on floors with strict weight restrictions. This continuous demand for uniqueness and specialization of machines has promoted the development of the whole industry.

Scissor lift is widely used in various fields, based on a series of advantages: you can move the platform at will and raise it to the height you need. If necessary, you can even raise the machine first and then move it, thus eliminating the need for large and heavy tools like scaffolding or ladders.

At the same time, the scissor cart saves the manual work required to set up, dismantle and carry more traditional tools, and can safely deliver tools and materials to the working area.

Some of the applications you may see using scissor lifts include: plumbing, electrical, welding, HVAC, gypsum wallboard, industry, aerospace, data centers and stadiums. Like the machines used, these applications are similar but different.

Most scissor lifts can be equipped with accessories that enable them to have more uses in specific applications. Few manufacturers design machines for only one type of work.

Accessories and application specific kits should be evaluated as part of your purchasing or rental plan. For example, some options or toolkits such as plate brackets, pipe racks, workbench clamps, on-board welding machines and other tools for specific applications are very popular, which can make work easier and bring higher work efficiency.

Through the above introduction, I believe you will have a certain basic understanding of scissor type aerial work platform. 

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