Self-propelled Track-mounted Scissor Lifts For A Domestic Shipment.

- Apr 28, 2019-

Runshare self-propelled scissor aerial work platforms have an automatic walking function. The machines can walk slowly and fast under the different working conditions. Only one person may operate the machine and finish lifting up and down, walking forward and backward, steering continuously. The machines are more efficiency than the traditional hydraulic platform, reduce the operator's quantity and the labor intensity. The machines are suitable for airport terminals, stations, ports, shopping malls, stadiums, residential property, factories and other large of range aerial work site especially. The machine is installed the level alarm. when the machine's full tilt exceeds a certain angle, the machine enters the protection system automatically. It is only allowed that, the machine has the movement of lowing down and the machine is in the safe state, and then the machine can be used normally. The machine is equipped with the pothole's protection.As long as the platform is raised, both sides of the safety board opens in working condition, it shrink the distance between the machine and the ground to avoid tipping when the machine walks due to uneven ground. The machine's cylinder is equipped with the oil pipe explosion's protection. And only one person can operate all the machine's movements in the platform with the joystick. The motor's speed is variable continuously. It will extending the life of the battery and the motor effectively. The motor just consumes the energy when it work. The machine has the large steering angle's system.It makes the machine with excellent flexibility. The machine adopt the hydraulic-disc brake ‘s system.when the machine stop, the wheel is always in the braking state, and brakes at 14 degree slope reliably. The machine’s configuration is fully automatic charger.It can complete the whole process of charging automatically , when the battery is fully charged and stop automatically. The machine’s platform can be removed , it expands the work’s range and meets the special needs of some users. The machine is with the overload protection. The mandatory protection is good for the person who is not familiar with this machine;The machine is with self-diagnostic function, the clients can quickly grasp the machine’ work state timely and fast, and it will be better for the maintenance of the machine;Since the machine uses DC battery power, the machine can be secure and quiet for indoor or outdoor work;The machine is provided with emergency descent system.



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