Use Of Curved Arm Lifts

- Aug 15, 2018-

Curved Arm Aerial Work vehicle is widely applicable to the installation and maintenance of municipal, electric power, street lamp, advertisement, communication, photography, garden, transportation, wharf, airport port, large-scale industrial and mining enterprise and so on.

Applicable to all kinds of rugged terrain, space operations, mainly used in construction, bridge construction, shipbuilding, airport, mining, port, communications and power facilities construction and outdoor advertising engineering machinery and equipment.

Diesel curved arm Lifts: Do not use external power supply, suitable for outdoor high-altitude erection operations, with diesel engine power-driven walking and take-off and landing, dynamic, fast walking speed. Trailer Curved arm Elevator: can be hung in the car, synchronized with the car, suitable for the field high-altitude. Lifting way: 1, with 380-220v power supply 2, with power supply is inconvenient, can drive up and down with battery.

Beautiful appearance, easy to walk. Car curved arm Elevator: The curved arm elevator installed in the car, the use of automotive power-driven take-off and landing.

It is suitable for aerial work in the far distance field.